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Kens Brass Quality Shooting Supplies and Once fired used brass


9mm Brass

45 ACP Brass

In memory of

Peter J Rudd 

My Reloading Friend

10/21/49 to  6/24/11

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45 ACP small primer

Over 40 Years of REloading Experience behind Every Package sold

   kensbrass shooting supplies once fired used brass for the home reloader is simply the best brass on the internet.  Try our once fired 300 Win Mag, 30-30, 30-06, 9mm, 45 ACP when you buy once fired used brass cases for reloading. Starline brass

We ship daily via USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail to where ever USPS goes.  We do not ship outside of the United States and its territories

Providing the nation's highest quality used brass and shooting supplies for the home reloader.


9mm Brass

The Kens Brass selection of Used Brass inventory is updated several times a day. Which is just one of the ways we continue to provide the best shooting supplies quality brass to the home reloader. Starline brass

*Call Ken directly for additional information regarding pricing at 801-638-6088, M-F 9-5.

 updated inventory

Ken: that's service!  Got the 50 cases for this order (plus a couple of extra) in todays mail.  They all look good initially.  I'm one of the Olde Fartes that use an old Lee Loader system of "One at a time" style.  I will measure, resize and trim after decapping, then polish, re-prime and shovel in powder and bullets.  This will give me 2 1/2 boxes of rounds that I can tailor for specific shooting.  Thanks for the great product and speedy service!

Paul B.
Cheboygan, Michigan

In memory of

Lance Ballantyne

Loving Father

Best Friend

1/16/67  to  2/13/17