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Providing Quality Once Fired Brass
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Yes, We Update our inventory Daily 

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"We provide the highest quality brass for home reloading.  By inspecting and packaging your brass by hand, we sell the highest quality brass available on the internet and we stand behind what we ship." -Ken Christensen


Once Fired Brass Ready Reference Links

    45 ACP Used Brass                45 Colt Used Brass           47-70 Gov't Used Brass

      308 Win Used Brass       30-06 Spr Used Brass       44 Rem Mag Used Brass

      243 Win Used Brass             270 Win Used Brass          38 Special Used Brass

   30-30 Win Used Brass     300 Win Mag Used Brass     .338 Lapua Used Brass

Hard to find Brass?  Cant find the size you need?
Some sizes are absolutely impossible to find anywhere.
Yes, we do occasionally get them.  When we do, we notify people by email.
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Please contact me directly with any questions or requests about my site or products.

Kenneth Christensen

P.O. Box 165087
Salt Lake City, UT 84116-5087

My friend,

Peter J. Rudd
10/21/1949 - 6/24/2011
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