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Pistol Brass

Rifle Brass

 Pistol Brass
.25 ACP
FN 5.7 X 28

7.62 Nagant
.32 ACP

.32 S&W
.32 S&W Long
.32 H&W Mag
.32 Short Colt
.327 Federal

.357 Magnum
.357 Sig
.380 ACP
.38 Spec Comp
9 X 18 Makarov
7.62 X 25mm
9mm Luger
.38 LC
.38 Super
.38 Super Comp
.38 Special
.38 Short Colt
.38 S & W

.40 S and W
.400 Cor-Bon
10mm Mag
.41 Long Colt
.41 Remington Mag
.41 Special
.44 Russian
.44 Rem Mag
.44 Special
.44 Auto Mag
.45 GAP
.45 ACP
.45 Auto Rim
.45 Colt
.45 Win Mag
.45 Super
.454 Casull
.45 S&W Schofield
.460 S and W
.475 Linebaugh
.480 Ruger
.50 AE
.500 S and W
.500 Linebaugh
.500 Maximum

Rifle Brass Sizes

.17 Rem
.204 Ruger
.22 Rem Jet
.22 Hornet
.223 Remington
.223 WSSM
.22-250 Remington
.220 Swift
.243 Winchester
.225 Win
.224 Weatherby Mag
6mm Remington
6.8 SPC
6.5 X 55mm
6.5 Grendel
.240 Weatherby Mag
.243 Win
.243 WSSM
.250 Savage
.25 Rem
25-35 WCF
.256 Win Mag
.257 Roberts
.25-06 Rem
.25 WSSM
.257 Weatherby Mag
.260 Remington
6.5 X 55mm Swedish
.264 Winchester Mag
.270 Winchester
.270 Weatherby Mag
.270 WSM
7mm-08 Remington
7mm Mauser
.280 Remington
.284 Winchester
7mm WSM
7mm Remington Mag
7mm Rem Ultra Mag
7mm Weatherby Mag
7mm WSM
7.62 X 39mm
7.62 X 51mm
7.62 X 54R
30 M1 Carbine
30-30 Winchester
.30-40 Krag
.30-06 Springfield
.300 Savage
.300 Magnum
.300 H&H Mag
.300 Winchester Mag
.300 WSM
.300 Weatherby Mag
.300 Rem Ultra Mag
.303 British
.308 Winchester
.32 Winchester
8mm Mauser
8mm Remington Mag
.338 Lapua
.338 Winchester Mag
.340 Weatherby Mag
.35 Remington
.35 Whelen
.375 H&H Mag
.416 Rigby
.444 Marlin
.45-70 Gov't
.458 Winchester Magnum
.458 Lott
.470 Nitro Express
500 Nitro Express
50 BMG

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Welcome to the Ken's Brass Main page
To Browse our Inventory, find your link on the left and select to enter the shopping area. 

So what does Ken's brass provide?

Range Brass:  I offer for the thrifty re loader, screened brass.  In the beginning of the sorting process, Brass brought off the range is screened for size.  This is a no frills product.  I offer it only when it is available.
.223's (5.56 NATO),
7.62 X 51mm (.308 Military) and
7.62 X 63mm (.30-06 Military)
as well as
9mm and .40 S&W

Manufacturer Select Brass:  I have always had OCD when reloading and one day not long ago when having just finished reloading I was admiring my work.  I was that I had done a very good job reloading. In fact, I felt as if they were equal to any factory load.  That's when I realized that no factory that I know of reloads a mixed head stamp as I had just done.  As I looked at my 'almost as good as factory' rounds I decided to offer a Premium selection consisting of similar manufacturer's head stamps.  I only offer this in casing that stay around long enough and with sizes where quantity on hand makes sense to do this.  Simply put, at this time I have .30-30's30-06 and 270's, 9mm, .40 S&W and .45ACP, 38 Special and others separated by head stamp

Shipping Info.

With some exceptions, most orders place by 1pm MST  M-F will ship out the same day by USPS priority flat rate.

See USPS for holiday information and schedules.

Please contact me directly with any questions or requests about my site or products.

Kenneth Christensen

email; ken@kensbrass.com
P.O. Box 165087
Salt Lake City, UT 84116-5087
My friend,

Peter J. Rudd
10/21/1949 - 6/24/2011
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